Welcome to our Alumni!

Dear Alumni of LMM:
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Name at present contact
Marta Fornabaio Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Goran Zagar Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Cyrill Cattin Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Ana Fernandez Blanco Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Gabriella Tarantino Former Post-Doctoral Associate Project manager R&D Innovation at TAG Heuer
Rossoll Andreas Former Scientist Research engineer, Materials & Processes at ITP, S.A.
Cetin Arda Former Post-Doctoral Associate Research associate at Laboratoire de Mecanique des Solides, C.N.R.S., Ecole Polytechnique, Route de Saclay. FR91128, Palaiseau, France.
Miko Csilla Former Post-Doctoral Associate Project manager- Advanced Materials and Processes at The swatch group research and development LTD email
Rojo Calderon Noelia Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Guo Mingxing Former Post-Doctoral Associate email
Tavangar Hamzehkolaei Rezat Former Post-Doctoral Associate
Frederic Diologent Former Post-Doctoral Associate R&D Engineer at Applied Materials Switzerland SA, Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne email
Philippe Castany Former Post-Doctoral Associate Enseignant-chercheur at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes SCR/CM email
Vincent Laporte Former Post-Doctoral Associate Chargé de projets R&D at Rolex SA , Bienne email
Russell Goodall Former Post-Doctoral Associate Lecturer in Metallurgy at The University of Sheffield, Great Britain email/more
Jose Miguel Molina Jorda Former Post-Doctoral Associate Enseignant-chercheur at University of Alicante, Spain email/more
Christopher San Marchi Former Post-Doctoral Associate Sandia National Laboratories, California, USA email
Bernard Viguier Former Post-Doctoral Associate Professeur at ENSIACET Institut National Polytechnique Toulouse (F) email/more
Suzanne Verheyden PhD in 2018 Project Manager – Swatch Group Research and Development Ltd. email
Lionel Michelet PhD in 2018
Pejchal Vaclav PhD in 2017 Researcher at CSEM, Materials science & component reliability email
Mueller Martin Guillermo PhD in 2017 Packaging technologist at Nestlé Nespresso SA email
Athanasiou-Ioannou Alexandros PhD in 2017 email
Kazemi Hamed PhD in 2017 email
Krebs Jérôme PhD in 2015 email
Leger Alain PhD in 2014 Chef de projet Recherche chez Kugler Bimetal SA, Geneve (CH) email
Monachon Christian PhD in 2013 Product manager at Attolight
Kruger Carmen PhD in 2012 Collaboratrice scientifique chez Rolex, Bienne (CH)
Edwina Klay PhD in 2010 Collaboratrice scientifique chez ETA SA, Grenchen (CH) email
Nicolas Barbi PhD in 2010 email
Etienne Combaz PhD in 2010 Collaboratrice scientifique chez Novelis Switzerland S.A. , Sierre (CH) email
Doris Empl PhD in 2009 Collaboratrice scientifique chez IPB AG , Hamburg (D) email
Yves Conde PhD in 2009 Project Leader at Alcan email
Aude Hauert PhD in 2009 Collaboratrice scientifique chez Novelis Switzerland S.A. , Sierre (CH) email
Masahiro Kida PhD in 2008 Development Engineer at NHK
Ghodratollah Roudini PhD in 2007 Assistant Professor at University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran email
Sebastien Soubielle PhD in 2010 Consultant en conception mecanique chez Altran AG email
Maryam Bahraini PhD in 2007 Post Doctoral Associate in EMPA email
Randoald Mueller PhD in 2007 Collaborateur scientifique chez PX-Holding, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)
Laurent Felberbaum PhD in 2005 Project Leader R&D at Sécheron S.A. , Genève (CH)
Jean-François Despois PhD in 2005 Development Engineer at Novelis Switzerland S.A. , Sierre (CH) email / more (
Ali Miserez PhD in 2003 Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore email/home page
Wolfgang Thiele Former PhD Student CEO Swiss Advanced Materials S.A. , Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) more
Benedikt Moser PhD in 2002 Head of Materials Dept. / Executive Board Member at Suisse Technology Partners Ltd. , RhyTech Areal, Neuhausen (CH) email
Marianna Kouzeli PhD in 2001 email
Arnaud Pollien Former Engineer Directeur Technique Quality Control NDT S.A., Forel (CH) email
Amael Cohades Former Engineer Post-doc at LPAC EPFL email
Anastasia Comninellis Former Metallography Apprentice
Hans-Ulrich Kunzi Former Privat Docent Retired
Gokhan Karadeniz Former Engineer Retired email
Roland Cachot Former Engineer Retired
Antonio De Benedictis Former Technician Retired
Willy Dufour Former Technician Retired
Nathalie Zanetta Former Secretary Retired