Capillarity in infiltration

Measuring drainage curves for metal infiltration processing

M. Kida, M. Bahraini, L. Weber, A. Mortensen

Project Description:
A study of capillary phenomena in the infiltration processing of ceramic particle reinforced metal composites, and of the resulting materials.

Main Results:
A high temperature infiltration apparatus has been built and is operative. Metal matrix composites with matrices of melting points up to 1500K can be handled. The pressure infiltration apparatus is equipped with a tracking device to measure in situ the degree of filling of the preform with the infiltrant. Such measurements are quite unique and allow to shed some light on the kinetic conditions and capillarity at high temperature that control the liquid metal infiltration. Measurements on non-reactive metal-preform systems compared to mercury porosimetry data of the same performs allow determination of the relevant capillary parameters guiding infiltration. Furthermore, reactive systems can now be investigated and kinetic effects can be addressed.