6xxx series aluminium

Microstructural Evolution of 6XXX Aluminium Alloys During Deformation Processing

P. Castany, F. Diologent, A. Mortensen

Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) aluminum alloys developed for automotive application have complex chemistries and complicated precipitation paths. Their microstructure evolves continuously during processing, leading to potentially inhomogeneous precipitate distributions that influence the formability of these alloys. The goal of this project was to better understand the different precipitation sequences that exist in specific alloys of this family during thermomechanical processing, aiming to improve their mechanical response and understand mechanisms of failure during bending of sheet from such alloys.

TEM general view of a grain boundary in alloy sample with mainly spherical precipitates. 


Scientific articles from this work:

P. Castany, F. Diologent, A. Rossoll, J.-F. Despois, C. Bezençon, A. Mortensen, Influence of quench rate and microstructure on bendability of AA6016 aluminium alloys, Materials Science & Engineering A, 559 (2013) 558–565 .