Infiltrated ceramic particle reinforced metals

Exploring the role of hydrostatic pressure on the deformation and fracture of infiltrated ceramic particle reinforced metals

Gabriella Tarantino, Ludger Weber, Cyril Dénéréaz, Raphael Charvet, Willy Dufour and Andreas Mortensen


In this project funded by the US Army Research Office we explore the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the plastic deformation of infiltrated particle reinforced aluminium composites.

In current work we are building a pressure chamber capable of measuring the flow stress under tension with superimposed hydrostatic pressure of infiltrated particle reinforced aluminium composites produced in our laboratory. Varying the (axisymmetric) stress states thus generated we aim to explore whether pressure influences the flow stress and tensile deformation of these composites, and also to determine the influence of particle reinforcement characteristics in this regard. 


Fig. 1 SEM micrograph of the polished surface of an aluminium-alumina composite showing matrix cavitation at sites of high matrix tensile triaxiality. Stress axis is vertical (from the doctoral thesis of Marianna Kouzeli).